Food Services and Hospitality Leadership Program

Program Participant

Culinary training and work experience program

The Food Services and Hospitality Leadership Program is a Toronto based program by Owlware Ltd.

We assist the disAbility community with their career paths in the food industry & help companies lead the way to more inclusive hiring.

Do you have a passion for cooking?

Interested in learning how to prepare and cook healthy, affordable and
nutritious food for yourself and others?

Interested in pursuing a job in the food service industry?

The Program

Taking place at ‘The Stop’ in Wychwood Barns Toronto, The ‘Hospitality and Food Services Leadership Program’ is a certificate program that offers Torontontians of all disabilities and backgrounds an immersive learning and work experience in the field
of ‘Food & Hospitality’.

What We Provide


All candidates should bring with them a multitude of skills or work experience and an interest in pursuing a career in the Food Industry
You still qualify if you are…

Apply Now

Submit your resume and a brief statement as to why you would be a great candidate for the program. Please submit to april@owlware.com



Our Instructor and Program

A successful chef for over 20 years in Toronto, Chef Smiley has years of experience delivering superior corporate catering and experience across multiple fine dining restaurants in the city.

In 2012, Chef Smiley was a victim of gun violence leading his journey to paraplegia. After a long road of recovery, Smiley went right back to work, feeding and teaching our students in the Toronto public school system.

Through the collaboration of Owlware Ltd’s 20+ years in uplifting the disability community, the ‘Food & Hospitality Leadership Program’ was developed to provide the disAbility community with basic entry level culinary skills and certification. Trainees acquire employment skills and also learn how to feed themselves nutritious and nourishing food.

Using The Stop’s kitchen at the Wychwood Barns, a charitable and community hub addressing food insecurity, the outcome of this program is to enable persons with disabilities an opportunity to excel basic industry kitchen skills, develop healthy cooking habits, and work with restaurants in the local BIA’s of Toronto.

The most profound part of this experience is working with other disabled individuals and observing their growth and helping them find purpose in work.On a personal level it has improved my morale, my health and has given me purpose to work again.”  – Chef Smiley